Our Paver Installation Services

We have a full range of paver installation services that make your outdoor space look elegant and stylish. Whether it is a residential paver installation or a commercial paver installation, Our team of skilled professionals uses the latest tools and methods to make sure your paver installation lasts a long time. 

Residential Paver Installation in Brooklyn, NY

  • Driveway Paver: We have an exceptional team who are skilled in designing and installing driveways. You can create a welcoming entrance for your home with a variety of materials and designs. 
  • Walkways Paver: With Durabilt GC walkways paver installation service, you can create inviting pathways to your garden or the front door of your home. We intend to give your every step beautifully crafted—safe and durable service. 
  • Patios Paver: With Durabilt GC’s patio paver installation service, you can turn your outdoor living space into an enjoyable place to sit and chat. Our unique design allows you a perfect blend of indoor comfort and outdoor beauty.
  • Pool Deck Pavers: You can get the best poolside experience with Durabilt GC’s stylish pool deck paver installation services. Our pool deck design is not only trendy but also shows that we care about our clients’ safety. That’s why we provide non-slip and cool surfaces for the summer.
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Commercial Paver Installation Services In Brooklyn, NY

  • Parking lot:  The parking lot is the first impression guests have of any business office, so create a solid first impression with our parking lot paver installation service. Our skilled team knows how well to design your parking lot to meet your functional needs.
  • Sidewalks: Our paver installation service for sidewalks on commercial property is fully covered with safety. Our sidewalk installation is designed for heavy foot traffic while maintaining its charm and functionality.
  • Public Spaces: Durabilt GC’s expert team turns your public space into a welcoming and pleasing area. Our team is skilled at creating a beautiful and durable space for people to gather and relax.

Range of Materials and Designs

  • Concrete paver: We offer a variety of concrete paver installation services that are cost-effective and durable. Our paver installation service has a variety of sizes and colors, perfect for both commercial and residential use. 
  • Brick pavers: They are known for their durability, and they also add warmth to any place. You can enjoy the timeless beauty of brick with our brick paver installation service. Our brick paver offers the perfect mix of beauty and longevity to any space, such as walkways and driveways. 
  • Natural Stone Pavers: Update your outdoor space with natural stone with Durabilt GC’s natural stone paver installation service. Our natural polish provides unmatched elegance and uniqueness.
  • Custom Design Option: You can make your own customized outdoor space design with DuraBilt GC’s custom paver installation service. The process starts with free consultation services, and then we work according to your needs. That is why we are known as the best paving contractor in Brooklyn, NY.
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Paver Installation Process of Durabilt GC

Consultation and design

For any paver installation process, our first job is to make a meeting with our client and try to understand their vision and requirements. Our teams work closely with the client and bring their vision to life.

Preparation and installation

Before beginning paver installation services, we do some routine work. The preparation process started with initial site preparation, which included essential steps like excavation and leveling.  Join us as we lay the groundwork for a stunning paver installation that ensures not only a beautiful outdoor space but also longevity.

Finishing touch and cleaning

Paying closer attention to every single detail is very important. It is the last step of the paver installation service. It ensures proper and smooth finishing. Adequate finishing and maintenance are critical steps of our paver installation service because they ensure longevity.

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Why Choose Durabilt GC for Your Pavers Installation in Brooklyn, NY

Choosing the right contractor for your home renovation or construction is very important.  Durabilt GC is the leading renovation and remodeling company in Staten Island & Brooklyn NY

1. Our Experience and Proven Expertise in Paver Installation 

Durabilt GC has been installing pavers in Brooklyn, NY, for years, and we are known as the proven experts in paver installation. Our years of experience show our commitment to paying attention to every paver installation. We ensure top-class paver installation service that will ensure you a space that is not only beautiful but also lasts a long time.  We install pavers outdoors and indoors according to the needs of our clients. From the busy streets of Brooklyn to the quiet backyards of private houses, we provide paver installation services.

2. Use of High-Quality Materials

Durabilt GC is dedicated to quality and longevity in paver installation, making it stand out from all the contractors in the industry. We are located in the middle of Brooklyn, so we know the needs of the city. We use high-quality materials that are suitable for Brooklyn’s climate. We use the best quality materials according to the environment of the town, that’s why it lasts a long time. When we start our installation service, we carefully work through every step of the installation to make sure that our job meets the expectations of the clients. We are committed to excellent paver installation service from the first steps to the last stone. 

3. Customized Design Guidance

Our customized design and guidance will help you achieve your vision for paver installation. Every outdoor space is a blank canvas ready to be painted on. We do customize designs that will match the look of your home. We do free consultations for our beloved clients. So start your renovation service with free meetings where we know about preferences and budgets. We will make sure we meet your expectations of paver installation. 

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FAQs on Paving Contractor Brooklyn NYC

Ans: You can find a reputable and reliable contractor near you in Brooklyn by looking at online website reviews. Always look for contractors who have positive reviews and ratings. If you ask me for a reference, I will recommend Durabilt GC. because they are one of the top contractors near you in Brooklyn, so you can also check them out. 

Ans: You should consider area purposes, your budget, and the type of pavers you need before starting the paver installation project. 

Ans: Durabilt GC paver installers ensure the quality of their work by providing high-quality materials, hiring professionals with a lot of experience, and mixing traditional skills with modern design. That’s why Durabilt GC is known as the best paving contractor in Brooklyn, NY. 

Ans: Yes, an effective and well-designed paver installation can increase the value of your property.

Ans: The duration of the paver installment depends on the project size and the climate conditions. Smaller and less complicated projects take fewer days compared to large and complex projects.  

Ans: Generally, the price of paver installation ranges from $8.69 to $22.18 per square foot for labor and materials but if the project is complicated, then the price can be even higher.


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